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This service is operated by Vaisala on behalf of our customers who own networks of weather stations dedicated to improving traffic safety.
The 66 regions listed below have chosen to make real time observations from their networks available as a public service.
Click on a region name to link to a map showing the weather station locations. Click on a station to see real time observations.
Copyright in the observations remains with the station owners. The background maps provided by Google are also copyright.

Country Region Stations
FR CG88 12
GB Borough of Telford and Wrekin 2
GB Bradford MBC 2
GB Bridgend County Borough Council 6
GB Bridgewater Place 1
GB Caithness 6
GB Calderdale MBC 1
GB Cambridgeshire County Council 6
GB Cardiff City Council 9
GB Cheshire East 3
GB City of York Council 4
GB DFI Roads 30
GB Darlington Borough Council 2
GB Devon County Council 34
GB Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council 2
GB Durham County Council 9
GB East Riding of Yorkshire Council 10
GB Essex County Council 9
GB Gateshead MBC 1
GB Hartlepool Council 2
GB Herefordshire County Council 7
GB Lancashire County Council 14
GB Leeds City Council 4
GB Leicestershire County Council 7
GB Lincolnshire County Council 12
GB Lochaber 8
GB London Borough of Barnet 2
GB London Borough of Bromley 2
GB Manchester City Council 2
GB Middlesbrough Council 2
GB Newcastle City Council 3
GB Norfolk County Council 6
GB North East Lincolnshire Council 1
GB North Lanarkshire Council 5
GB North Lincolnshire Council 7
GB North Somerset 3
GB North Tyneside MBC 1
GB North Yorkshire County Council 16
GB Northamptonshire County Council 8
GB Northumberland County Council 8
GB Nottingham City Council 1
GB Nottinghamshire County Council 10
GB Oxfordshire County Council 4
GB Peterborough City Council 1
GB Ross and Cromarty 17
GB Rutland County Council 1
GB Shropshire Council 10
GB Skye 5
GB SolutionsSK (SMBC) 2
GB South Tyneside Council 4
GB Sunderland City Council 3
GB Sutherland 10
GB Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council 2
GB Vale of Glamorgan Council 11
GB Wakefield MDC 1
GB Warwickshire County Council 6
GB Worcestershire County Council 7
IE Transport Infrastructure Ireland 106
US Capital Region International Airport 2
US City of Omaha 1
US Georgia DOT 60
US Illinois Toll Road Authority 22
US Michigan DOT 109
US Oklahoma DoT 5
US Tennessee 36
US Virginia DOT 96

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